Learning Spanish is Easy. Learn a Spanish Word, Phrase, or Sentence each day, and you'll be speaking Spanish in no time. Your conversations will become easier as you become more fluent in the language.

We have basic words and phrases; verbs and verb tenses with example sentences; common pronouns with examples; common food and eating words with example sentences; and, Spanish travel phrases. And, most of the lessons have audios you can listen to.

To Learn Spanish Easily

You can complete each Spanish tutorial as often as you like. No registration or signup required for these tutorials.

You can complete the Spanish (tutorials) in any order; the Basics Aprendets contain the simplest common words and phrases. Each tutorial has simple easy-to-learn sentence examples.

On this website, there is Audio included for most of the Spanish lessons; so you can practice your pronunciation of the spanish spoken words.
And, the audios can be downloaded to your device or desktop computer for offline listening.

Mobile For Smartphones and Tablets - Great For Learning on The Go -
You can learn your Spanish on your cell phone, tablet, or desktop. Fun, easy, and Free.

Spanish Basics - Words Phrases

with Audio

eFrases Spanish 1
Listen/Download Audio
eFrases Spanish 2
| Listen/Download Audio

eFrases Spanish 3
| Listen/Download Audio

eFrases Spanish 4
| Listen/Download Audio

eFrases Spanish 5
| Listen/Download Audio

eFrases Spanish 6
| Listen/Download Audio

Spanish Verbs

with audio

Verbs - Read, Write, Know, Go, Eat, Drink


Spanish Pronoun - I with audio

Spanish Pronoun - You

Spanish Pronoun - She, He

Spanish Pronoun - We

Spanish Pronoun - They

Travel with Audio

Spanish Travel Phrases with Audio

Food and Eating

Spanish Food and Eating Phrases

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