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Spanish Lesson 6 - Audio Translation

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You can Play our Audio File for this Spanish Lesson. Most browsers will play it automatically; and the file can be downloaded, for offline listening.

It has the Spanish spoken by a English person; with pronunciations from English to Spanish. Each audio contains several words and phrases.

audio of efrases spanish 6, spanish words and phrases

The Words Phrases of eFrases Spanish 6

We have the food - Tenemos el alimento

I don't know - No Lo se

Who - Quien

What - Que

Cheese - queso

Hamburger - hamburgueso

Spices - especias

Butter - mantequilla

Steak - Biste

Breakfast - desayuno

Plate - Plato

What are you doing? - Que haces?

Where are you going? - A donde vas?

You can practice your Spanish words and phrases from these word lists.
Simply read the English, then say the Spanish translation, and listen to the audio. We recommend completing these words and phrases each day till you learn them well.

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