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eFrases Spanish 4 with Audio Translation

Words and Phrases

You can Play our Audio File for this Spanish Lesson. Most browsers will play it automatically; and the file can be downloaded, for offline listening.

It has the Spanish spoken by a English person; with pronunciations from English to Spanish. Each audio contains several words and phrases.

audio of efrases spanish 4, spoken by a native English person, spanish words and phrases

The Words Phrases Verbs of eFrases Spanish 4

what time should we get there?
¿A qué hora debemos dejar?

i work at 6
Yo trabajo a las sies (6)

What time do you have to be at work?
¿A qué hora tienes que estar en el trabajo?

What time is it?
¿Qué hora es

whose going to be there?
¿Quién va a estar allí?

i'll get there as soon as i can
Voy a llegar tan pronto como puedo


Lets Do Lunch
Vamos a hacer el almuerzo

Vamos a ir dar un paseo

When are we going to the park?
Cuando vamos al parque?

You can practice your Spanish words and phrases from these word lists.
Simply read the English, then say the Spanish translation.
Listen to the audio pronunciation as you learn these words.

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