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food - comida

beef - carne

steak - biste

hamburger - hamburgueso

pork - cerdo

chicken - pollo

We ate the chicken - comimos el pollo.

We ate chicken - comimos pollo

They ate the chicken - comian pollo.

onion - cebolla

vegetable - vegetal

cheese - queso

spaghetti - espaghetis

pizza - pizza


coffee - cafe

water - agua

milk - leche

I drink milk - beber leche

How much is that drink? - cuando es la bedida?

What's your favorite drink? - Cual es tu bedida favorita?

Eating Out

Do you know a good restaurant? - Conoce un buen restaurante?

I would like to make a reservation - me gustaria hacer una reserva.

A table for one, please - una mesa para una, por favor.

A table for two, please - una mesa para dos, por favor

The menu please - la carta, por favor.

I would like something to drink - quisiera algo para beber.

What's today's special? - lo especial de hoy?

I'll have the special - voy a tener el especial

I'll have the chicken - voy a tener el pollo

I'll have a burger - voy a tener una hamburguesa

I'll have the pasta - voy a tener la pasta

I'll have a beer - voy a tener una cerveza

We'll have a bottle of wine - Vamos a tener una botella de vino

The check please - la cuenta, por favor

I want lunch - quiero almuerzo

How much is that drink? - cuanto es la bedida?

I'm hungry - tengo hombre

Lets do lunch - vamos a hacer el almuerzo.

Lets get something to eat - vamos a obtener algo de comer.

Lets get a coffee - Vamos a obtener algo un cafe.

Order Out

Lets order some pizza - vamos a pedir una pizza

Lets order chinese food - vamos a pedir comida chinese

Have you eaten? - ya comiste?

Lets eat - vamos a comer

How much is ...? - Cuánto es...?

How much for delivery? - Cuánto para la entrega?

When will the food arrive? - Cuando llega el alimento?

Food Items

plate - plato

serving platter - plato

knife and fork - cuchillo y tenedor

knive - cuchillo

spoon - cuchara de

napkin - servilleta

salt - sal

pepper - pimienta

beer glass - vaso de cerveza

milk glass - vaso de leche

Shopping Food

cheap - barato

I'm looking for - busco

Where is ..? - Dónde es?

meats - carnes

breads - panes

diary - diario

fruits - frutas

canned vegetables - conservas vegetales

canned meats - carnes enlatadas

pasta - pasta

frozen entres - entres congelados

frozen cakes - pasteles congelados

organic foods - alimentos orgánicos

organic vegetable - vegetales orgánicos

chips - fichas

chips and pop - chips y pop

cooking - cocina

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